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12 week program

This entry-level manufacturing training is a 3 month program where students will learn basic workplace skills related to careers in manufacturing, including mathematics, reading with understanding, writing clearly and concisely, OSHA and job safety, and exposure to relevant technology. Training includes onsite tours with manufacturers. Manufacturing trainees who successfully complete the program will receive an industry-recognized certificate issued jointly by the Community College of Philadelphia and the Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia (MAP) and a National Career Readiness Certificate endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers.

  • Full scale size and type of manufacturing and automation

  • Instructor led by technicians and engineers who have worked in industry

  • International Standard Organization and Good Manufacturing Practices Training

Objective of Training:

  • Learn skills required for entry-level manufacturing

  • Prove that they possess a work ethic through consistent performance and evaluation

  • Receive an industry-recognized certificate issued jointly by the Community College of Philadelphia, Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia (MAP) and a National Career Readiness Certificate endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers

Course Subjects and Rigors:

  • Individual assessment of skill levels in reading, math, writing, listening, team work, interpersonal skills and other abilities allowing instructors to build an individual program of achievement.

  • Site Visits and Workplace Interactions

  • English Skills, Business Communication, Understanding Directions

  • Math Basic Skills

  • Shop- Math

  • Blue Print Reading

  • Computer Skills

Foundational skills: locating and using resources, applying mathematical concepts and operations; reading with understanding, writing clearly and concisely; listening with understanding; observing critically; and exposure to relevant technology, interpersonal relations, self-management strategies, teamwork, problem-solving, and decision-making.
Basic Workplace Knowledge: Health and Safety; Process and Product/Service; Quality Consciousness and organizational Structure and Culture.
OSHA Training

Formal Assessment: Students will take the WorkKeys assessment, which evaluates skills related specifically to manufacturing. Students also receive instructor assessments on their behavior, interpersonal skills, team work, etc.

Finally, students will successfully complete interviews by a board of volunteer manufacturers as part of MAP's certification process.

    Candidates that you interview:

  • Represent finalists. For every one Job Ready Candidate, 11 others did not make the cut!

  • They have passed examinations proving proficiency in both reading and shop math skills.

  • They have taken basic courses in manufacturing process and are OSHA certified.

  • They have survived- a rigorous, 3 month boot camp, teaching them such skills as conflict resolution, team building, problem solving, self-management and responsibility. This portion of the program has zero tolerance for absenteeism or tardiness. Graduates possess a work ethic!

  • They understand that manufacturing is labor intensive and demanding.

  • They have had complete background checks and drug testing throughout the program.

  • They have been interviewed

Contact the MAP Employment and Training Specialist

If you are interested in any of these graduates, please let us know.

Some have previous manufacturing experience, some don't. All have expressed a sincere interest in working in manufacturing and have invested themselves in our training programs.

Resume's are only part of the story - as we learned during the certification process, when we met with these individuals. The graduates you see are here because we saw something special in each of them. We ask that you take the time to meet with them yourself.

Please send us a brief job description for the position you want to fill. We will share this with the graduate you are interested in and set up an interview for you.
Job Ready Program Graduates Resumes:
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