Display Title10,000 sq. ft. w/loading docks available
Display Location3800 Jasper Street
Display Property_typeIndustrial
Display Summary3200 per month, gross, plus utilities
Location3800 Jasper St.
Current OccupantVacant
Contact PersonMichael DeMaio
Contact TitleOwner
Contact Phone Number215-245-1685
Contact Fax Number215-245-1687
Contact Emailmdemdev@aol.com
Owner NameMichael DeMaio
Owner Address1360 Adams Rd.
Owner Address2Bensalem, Pa. 19020
Owner Phone Number215-245-1685
Owner Fax Number215-245-1687
Owner Emailmdemdev@aol.com
Broker NameN/A
Broker Address
Broker Address2
Broker Phone
Broker Fax Number
Broker Email
Current UseIndustrial
Current ZoningIndustrial
Current Buildingsf10,000
Current Lot Size15000
Current Floorplan Sf10000
Current Ceiling16 ft.
Current Office Sf1000
Current Loadingdocks2
Current Numberfloors1
Current Comments2 loading docks, one drive in door. Sprinklered, gas heat in WH, 3 seperate offices, bathroom with shower, alarmed. Gated complex.
Oper Elec Serv3 phase and single phase
Operwater ServPublic
Opergas ServYes, PGW
Operrail ServNo
Operaddit Serv
Acqu Forsale
Acqu ForleaseYes
Acqu Askingprice3200 per month, gross, plus utilities
Acqu Sellingterms
Acqu Addit Comments
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