Display TitleFood Distrabution / Warehouse
Display Location157 W Wyoming Ave
Display Property_typeIndustrial - single story, 32,000 sq.ft.
Display SummaryWill divide / willing to be creative
Location163 W. Wyoming
Current OccupantVacant
Contact PersonTony Walter
Contact TitleOwner
Contact Phone Number215-284-1082
Contact Fax Number215-627-8644
Contact Emailjaw@loreschocolates.com
Owner NameTony Walter
Owner Address157 W Wyoming Ave
Owner Address2
Owner Phone Number
Owner Fax Number
Owner Email
Broker NameN/A
Broker Address
Broker Address2
Broker Phone
Broker Fax Number
Broker Email
Current UseFood Distrabution / Warehouse
Current Zoning
Current Buildingsf32,000
Current Lot Size
Current Floorplan Sf
Current Ceiling
Current Office Sf
Current Loadingdocks
Current Numberfloors
Current CommentsSingle story building Ideal for food / produce / seafood distribution Large office areas and unconditioned space also -Willing to be creative with this space -Will consider dividing for the right tenant -Just blocks from Roosevelt Blvd . Minutes from Center City and Northern Liberties Combo fridge freezer - Fridge -- 40 ft x 70 ft - pallet racking installed - Freezer -- 40 ft x 20 ft - pallet racking installed -Freezer - with pallet racking in place -32 ft x 32 ft Chicken Box -15 ft x 20 ft Loading Area - refrigerated -64 ft x 44 ft Hall leading to walk ins (Refrigerated) -15 ft x 70 ft
Oper Elec Serv
Operwater Serv
Opergas Serv
Operrail Serv
Operaddit Serv
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Acqu Forlease
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