Display TitleOffices / warehouse
Display Location171W Wyoming Ave
Display Property_typeIndustrial
Display Summary8 Offices,Reception Area,Kitchenette Warehouse 58' x 140'
Location171W Wyoming Ave
Current Occupantvacant
Contact PersonTony Walter
Contact TitleOwner
Contact Phone Number215-284-1082
Contact Fax Number
Contact Emailjaw@loreschocolates.com
Owner Name
Owner Address
Owner Address2
Owner Phone Number
Owner Fax Number
Owner Email
Broker Name
Broker Address
Broker Address2
Broker Phone
Broker Fax Number
Broker Email
Current UseOffices / warehouse
Current Zoningg2
Current Buildingsf10,400
Current Lot Size
Current Floorplan Sf
Current Ceiling16
Current Office Sf2250
Current Loadingdocks
Current Numberfloors1
Current Comments8 Offices,Reception Area,Kitchenette Warehouse 58' x 140'
Oper Elec Serv
Operwater Serv
Opergas Serv
Operrail Serv
Operaddit Serv
Acqu Forsale
Acqu ForleaseLease
Acqu Askingprice
Acqu Sellingterms
Acqu Addit CommentsNice Space
Congress on Safety in Engineering and Industry 2020
Sunday, June 21, 2020
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