Display TitleGreat Industrial Building Available
Display LocationK and Erie Streets, Philadelphia
Display Property_typeIndustrial - 2 floors, 30,000 sq.ft. each
Display Summary
Location1200 East Erie Avenue (K & Erie)
Current OccupantAmerican Cable Co.
Contact PersonCarlos Gonzales
Contact Title
Contact Phone Number(215) 456-0700
Contact Fax Number
Contact Emailcgonzalez@americancableco.com
Owner NameSame as above
Owner Address
Owner Address2
Owner Phone Number
Owner Fax Number
Owner Email
Broker Name
Broker Address
Broker Address2
Broker Phone
Broker Fax Number
Broker Email
Current UseIndustrial
Current ZoningIndustrial
Current Buildingsf2 Floors, app. 30,000 sq.ft. each
Current Lot Size
Current Floorplan Sf
Current Ceiling20 foot
Current Office Sf
Current Loadingdocks3
Current Numberfloors4
Current CommentsThis building is in excellent condition. Fully air conditioned, great freight elevators. Owner can subdivide if necessary. Good value.
Oper Elec Serv
Operwater Serv
Opergas Serv
Operrail Serv
Operaddit Serv
Acqu Forsale
Acqu ForleaseFor Lease
Acqu AskingpriceNegotiable
Acqu Sellingterms
Acqu Addit CommentsTwo floors. One floor is wide open and would be an excellent manufacturing space. The other floor, which is approximately the same size (35K) is already divided into large rooms. All in very good conditions.
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Desmond Wholesale Distributors
Wood Kitchen Cabinet & Countertop Manufacturing
Swiss Jewel Co