Display Title25,000 sq. ft. on Tulip Street
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Display Property_typeIndustrial - Warehouse - Office
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Location3352 Tulip Street
Current OccupantVacant
Contact PersonEd Foy
Contact TitlePres.
Contact Phone Number215-370-1815
Contact Fax Number215-537-8873
Owner NameSame as above
Owner Address
Owner Address2
Owner Phone Number
Owner Fax Number
Owner Email
Broker NameNONE
Broker Address
Broker Address2
Broker Phone
Broker Fax Number
Broker Email
Current UseVacant as of 11/2011
Current ZoningIndustrial - Warehouse
Current Buildingsf25,764
Current Lot Size27,500
Current Floorplan Sf27,764
Current Ceiling16 foot
Current Office Sf1500 Sq. Ft.
Current Loadingdocks3
Current Numberfloors1 with small mezzanine
Current CommentsConcret Floors,Sprinklered, Heated Alarmed, Halogen Lighting
Oper Elec Serv200 AMP Exising Service with capacity for 150 KVA added based on tenent needs
Operwater ServPublic
Opergas ServPGW Hot Air in Warehouse and Office
Operrail ServNone
Operaddit Serv
Acqu ForsaleN/A
Acqu Forlease$2.00 Sq. Ft.
Acqu Askingprice$2.00 Sq. Ft
Acqu SellingtermsN/A
Acqu Addit Comments
Regional Industrial Safety Round Table
Thursday, April 11, 2019
Stelwagon Manufacturing Co
Datatech Business Forms Inc
Other Commercial Printing
Christini Technologies, Inc